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Favourite Links

Down here, you'll find out some great links...

Linux World, World of Open Source

  • Linux Online
  • Linux Indonesia
  • KLuB | Klub Linux Bandung
  • InfoLINUX Indonesia's first Linux Magazine.
  • Linux Mandrake Friendly Linux OS
  • Linux RedHat The Most Famous Linux OS

    Personal Favs

  • Harley Davidson What more could I tell?
  • NBA Stuff SlamDunkies, just click diz!
  • STTTelkom-ers Stuff My alumni site! (members only)
  • Unofficial Member-listing of STTTelkom-ers Courtesy of Kang Bejo
  • Indo-Hackers Stuff Take a visit, guys!


  • PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia One-hell offa state-owned company!
  • PT. Indosat Telecom provider for long distance call service.
  • IsNet The Islamic Network.
  • IptekNet Indonesia's Science and Technology Network.
  • The Institute of Engineer, Indonesia Indonesian Engineer's Organization.
  • SMA 1 Jakarta Alumni Website Remembering the old times...

    News Source

  • The best news portal in Indonesia.
  • Another Indonesia's great portal.
  • Another Indonesia's great portal.
  • Republika OnLine 1st fav Indonesian newspaper.
  • Kompas OnLine 2nd fav Indonesian newspaper.
  • Gatra Magazine Hot Indonesian magazine.
  • Gematel PT.Telkom's Telecom Magazine.
  • Tabloid BOLA The Finest Sports Newspaper.
  • Tempo Online No comment!.
  • InfoKomputer Indonesia Best Computer Magazine.

    Free E-mail

  • TelkomNet Mail Free E-mail from PT.Telkom.
  • HoTMaiL I'm down here too, fellas!
  • Yahoo! Mail Free E-mail from Yahoo!
  • BolehMail Free E-mail from BolehNet
  • EudoraMail Free E-mail from Eudora

    Free HomePage

  • Tripod Homepagestudio You got 50 MB space!
  • GeoCities Free Pages and E-mail Get some space here!.

    Free Software

  • Download Get freeware here!
  • Download Get shareware here!
  • Jumbo Big-time downloads!
  • Tucows Software Library

    Best AntiVirus

  • Kaspersky Anti Virus Lightest-but-Great AntiVirus.
  • Central Command Without us, there's no defense.
  • Norton AntiVirus Window-based Great AntiVirus.
  • McAfee AntiVirus Another Reliable AntiVirus.

    WebSurfing Media

  • Google Fastest search engine ever!
  • Yahoo! Go surf the web, ole buddy!
  • AltaVista The search company.
  • WebCrawler Get crawling the cyberspace...
  • Lycos Another site for websurfing.
  • Search Indonesia Surfersite from Indonesia.
  • DEWA Network The Internet Elements..

    More Sites? Go find yourself!

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    Special Thanx for Jember!

    Here I would like to give my best regards to some people I know
    in Kandatel 'Camar' Jember. The place where I got many new experiences,
    much laughter, and other things... I really can't forget that!

    They are :

    Mr: Yauri K, Soetrisno, 'Pakde' Siswadi, Yoedhianto,
    Asep Wawan, Untoro BY, Danang W, Suharmadji.
    Mr: Achmad Riza, 'Jimmy' Hidayat, Putu.
    Mr: Darwis, Gunawan, Sigit, A Nahroni, Samik, etc.
    Mr: M Arief, Suhaemi, Ketut, Wayan, Golib, etc.

    The pals are :

    Lik Ismoyo, Ca'Pink Firman, Wawang, Irwan 'Gombes',
    Mas Gigih, Mas Rip'at, Mas Eli 'Uhuy', Asep 'Gasep'.
    Nur, Rini, Yuli, Elmy, Ari, Evi, Nanik,
    Fenny, Etik, Vivin, Febby, Mbak Tutik.

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