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Dwi Pratomo Juniarto

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Where I live

Jl. Kesatrian VA/80 RT 28/03
Jakarta 13150 - Indonesia

Jl. A Yani Km.4,5
Kompleks Bumi Mas Citra No. 82
Banjarmasin - Indonesia

Telkom - UPND Banjarmasin
Jl. Pangeran Samudra No.92
Banjarmasin 70111 - Indonesia

You Gotta Read This First !

Newest Update!. After pictures and animated graphics addition, now you can browse Tripod's Homepage without typing "~" character on the address. Isn't that cool or what? You can still enjoy MIDI songs in my page and also new links included.
Thanks again to Tripod for making this newest updating possible. Why? Because of 11 MB disk space free! Wow!
Can't wait no more?
Ha ha... Have several good times, pal!

More words and links!
Find out what kinda man I am, and also My Fav Sites. Go on, Bro!

It ain't bike. It's Harley !

A Simple Kinda Thing That You Wouldn't Understand . . .

Harley Davidson - XLH Sportster 883 Hugger

XLH Sportster 883 Hugger

Wanna see more pics?
A page where you can browse my favorite pictures ever...

Never make a quit ! Enjoy !

I really don't want you to leave this page.
Coz you'll miss one hell of good experiences.
But if you really wanna go... just be my guest!
I ain't gonna say nuthin more !

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This HomePage's greatly designed by Dwi Pratomo "Tomi" Juniarto.
Sorry for my language. It's just tasty to be spoken. No specific reason.
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