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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data

N a m e : Dwi Pratomo Yuniarto
Nickname : Tomy
Nationality : Indonesia
S e x : Male
Cell Phone : +62-812-500-5860
E-mail Address :


  • Understanding the principles of PDH/SDH, TCP/IP, R2/CCS7, and WDM/DWDM.
  • Managing and performing O&M of domestic telecommunication backbone networks, especially Submarine Cable Transmission System and Fiber Optics.
  • Experienced of Nortel TN-16X and TN-1X, Lucent DACS-VI/2000, Siemens SMA1 and SL16, NEC and Fujitsu PFE (power feed for submarine repeaters).
  • Network management of SDH system.
  • Familiarity of using various telecommunication test/measuring equipments.
  • Optical network development and design capability.
  • Computers proficiency in MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows family, and other Microsoft-based applications. UNIX knowledge and basic skill of Linux and HTML.
  • Experienced with computer hardware/built-up software systems and TCP/IP networking.
  • Outstanding technical drawing design capability.

    Job Experiences

    Employed by PT.TELKOM - Network Division (Banjarmasin office) since Nov 1996.

    Nov 1999-recent (Submarine System Transmission Engineer) :

  • Manage O&M for submarine cable system of backbone networks.
  • Arrange maintenance schedule, operational budgetary, and purchase of necessary materials and test equipments.
  • Evaluate routine maintenance results to provide stable performance of the systems.
  • Submarine link path break calculation using variety methods, e.g. DC Resistance, DC Capacitance, Backscatter, and PFE Electroding.
  • Manage and perform O&M for PFE.
  • Manage and evaluate 2 Mbps, 34 Mbps, 140 Mbps, STM-1, and STM-16 channel usage.
  • Train individuals on fiberoptic system and submarine system.
  • Manage teamwork for troubleshooting actions.

    May 1998 (Submarine System Transmission Technician) :

  • Submarine cable break localization using various techniques.
  • Power feed system (PFE) operations for submarine systems.
  • Examine and problemsolve, including technical analysis of system failures.
  • Perform network arrangement/redimension for better performance.

    Mar 1997 (Physical Transmission LMG) :

  • Perform O&M for submarine systems, optical and microwave taillink systems.
  • Supervise and provision performance on backbone transmission systems.
  • Perform operation of multiplier devices, such as Tellabs 4522 Transcoder Module, Mitsubishi DCME DX-3000F, TRT TMN 163, Hariff Twinline260 ADPCM Transcoder.

    Nov 1996 (Technical Staff) :

  • Performs O&M works of common transmission media devices such as microwave radio transmission (SAT's FHD-2000, Philips-TRT's STN-65/140), satellite system and multiplexes.
  • E1 wiring installation including jumpering for new installed system, relocation, or addition.
  • Examine and problemsolve of E1 failure.


  • May-Jun 1997 : Participate in Telecom Networking Facility Team for General Election (PEMILU) 1997.
  • Aug 1997 : Composing TELKOM Standard Operation and Maintenance Procedures of OS-280M Submarine Optical Cable System, Indonesian Version.
  • Oct-Dec 1998 : In-Station Test (Commissioning) Team for OS-A 5G i-SUB Submarine Optical Cable System.
  • Feb 1999 : Acceptance Test Team for Optical Land Cable of OS-A 5G i-SUB Submarine Cable System.
  • Dec 1999 : Composing TELKOM Standard Operation and Maintenance Procedures of OS-A 5G Submarine Optical Cable System, Indonesian Version.
  • Jul 2000 : Composing TELKOM Standard Operation and Maintenance Procedures of Lucent DACS-VI/2000 Ver.2.1.4, Indonesian Version.
  • Mar 2001 : Take part in Indonesian I-SUB submarine cable break jointing as Terminal Power Safety Officer, involving Cableship CS Retriever.


  • 13-17 Jan 1997 : "SDH Basics Course", held in PT.Telkom Bandung, by PT.Telkom - Training Division (Certified).
  • Nov-Dec 1997 : One-month Overseas Training, "OS-A 5G i-SUB (Optical Submarine System) O&M Training Course", in Shinjuku-Japan, by PT.Telkom and KDD-SCS (Certified).
  • 15-17 Apr 1998 : Short Course, "SDH Basics" and "SMA1 R2 Field Technician", in Banjarmasin, sponsored by PT.Telkom and Siemens AG (Certified).
  • Feb-Apr 1999 : Two-month In-Site Training, "OS-A 5G i-SUB (Optical Submarine System) On-The-Job Training Course", in Banjarmasin, by PT.Telkom and KDD-SCS (Certified).
  • August 1999 : Five-day Built-in Training, "NORTEL TN-1X and TN-16X on OS-A 5G System", in Banjarmasin, by PT.Telkom and NORTEL (KDD-SCS).
  • Feb 2001 : Training for Supervisors, by PT Telkom (Regional Training Division), awarded 2nd place.

    University Background

  • 1991-1996 : STT TELKOM Bandung-Indonesia, Telecommunication Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering Degree.

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